The farm at Nubanusit comprises a four acre CSA (gardens and two hoop houses) and pasture land. The Farm Team manages the land, and handles the land use agreements with the various ventures that occupy it. Currently, ventures in which community residents may participate are

  • The CSA (see below)
  • Chicken Club (for eggs)



Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm have a reciprocal and complementary relationship: Neighbors nurture the farm and the farm offers the neighborhood food, beauty and connection to each other and the land.



Nubanusit Neighborhood & Farm (NN&F) will continue incremental development of the farm by:

  • Implementing organic and sustainable practices to improve our land
  • Allowing the interests & skills of neighbors to guide its development
  • Promoting individual and community well-being with our work and play
  • Offering a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Providing opportunities to recast conventional food production/distribution to adapt to our community life
  • Providing opportunities for neighbors and others who work with us to learn about farming
  • Reaching out to the larger community with food donations and learning opportunities


Nubi CSA

Most residents and others living outside the community participate in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Food shares are also contributed to local food programs.