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HOME       TYPE # of BRs       SIZE (SF)       SALE PRICE DUES/MONTH (2015-16)


8A Duplex 2 + attic 1748 $410,000 $435 $12,430 (2016)


Duplex 2 + attic 1693 $319,900 $343 $11,227 (2016)
10B Duplex 3 + attic 2120 $349,900 $477 $10,109 (2015)
2A Duplex 2 1284 $289,000 $365 $10,306 (2016)


  • Unit 8A: 2+ BR duplex located next to the pond and the farm field, with private views. 1748 sq ft. For sale at $410,000.  
    Contact: Irene Jenks at (603) 801-8141 or irenejenks@gmail.com
  • Unit 10A:  2 BR duplex with stairs to 3rd floor (one additional room). Private setting in back corner of community. 1,693 sq ft. For sale at $319,900. Available September 2016.
    Contact: Rachel Cohen at 603-831-4747 or rachelcohennh@gmail.com

  • Unit 10B: 3+ BR duplex with stairs to 3rd floor (additional 2 rooms, bedrooms and/or workspace). Views of pond. 2120 sq ft. For sale at $349,000.
    Contact: Jeffrey Drake at 339-223-0598 or drakej23@gmail.com

  • Unit 2A:  2 BR duplex. This unit enjoys east, west, and south windows in its living and dining area, yielding ample sun throughout the day. Available after July 1st, 2016.
    Contact: Email Richard or call 603-924-7491.

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Monthly Homeowners' Association dues—including heat, hot water, insurance, snow removal, internet, team activities, and funds to operate, preserve, and maintain land and buildings held in common—range from approximately $208 to $506 depending on size of home. General amenities that all NNF members enjoy include use of the Common House (including two guest rooms), a workshop, garage space, acreage (fields and forest trails), and a swimming pond. For more details email or call (207) 200-6824.

High performance green buildings lower your operating costs: Because heat and hot water are provided via a superior, energy efficient system, and the buildings are constructed to the LEED nationally accepted benchmark, homeowners benefit with operating costs below today's norm.